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Study Assistance Policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of Study Assistance is to encourage and enable staff to access programs of study as identified in their individual professional development plans. In doing so, Study Assistance increases competencies of staff to meet their current and future development needs, enhances workplace performance in line with CIT's strategic and business goals and promotes a learning culture amongst staff within CIT.

2. Scope

This policy and supporting guidelines apply to all permanent staff and temporary staff with at least six months' service in the ACT Public Service.

3. Principles

3.1 CIT will establish, administer and review guidelines for employee Study Assistance consistent with Standard 6 of the Public Sector Management Standards, including equity and diversity principles and appeal mechanisms.

3.2 Study Activities undertaken under Study Assistance must be identified in individual Professional Development Plans as part of the CIT Performance Management System and agreed to by their supervisor.

3.3 Approval of Study Assistance is at the discretion of the relevant Delegate (see Delegations Manual)

3.4 In making decisions about Study Assistance and the approval of Study Activities, Supervisors and Delegates will consider:

  • Applicant's length of service;
  • resources of the Centre;
  • CIT Professional Development Priorities and the direction of the organisation;
  • broader CIT and ACT Government skill needs and priorities;
  • relevance and cost of the course of study;
  • applicant's current and future development needs as identified in his/her Professional Development Plan;
  • access and equity policies;
  • applicant's success in previous approved Study Assistance applications and
  • strategic and operational skill needs and priorities, operational requirements; and
  • impact on the workplace, including implications for other team members.



  • Assess a Study Activity for study assistance purposes, in light of organisational and professional development priorities and directions.
  • Approve various forms of Study Assistance including Study Activities for Study Assistance purposes, approval of the applicant as a student, approval of paid study leave and approval of any financial assistance.
  • Approve staff Study Assistance applications consistent with the policy and guidelines.
  • Understand the requirements and processes set out in the Study Assistance Policy and Guidelines.
  • Ensure fairness, equity and natural justice in decision-making.


  • Understand and follow the requirements and processes set out in the Study Assistance Policy and Guidelines when applying for Study Assistance.
  • Ensure that the Study Activity is specified in your Performance Management Plan and Professional Development Plan.
  • Retain copies of any Study Assistance Applications lodged.

Supervisors of staff applying for Study Assistance

  • Understand and apply the requirements and processes set out in the Study Assistance Policy and Guidelines.
  • Ensure all staff are aware of the Study Assistance provisions.
  • Ensure that the Study Activity is specified in the applicant's Performance Management Plan and Professional Development Plan.
  • Recommend staff member Study Assistance applications to the delegate for 'approval' or 'not for approval' consistent with Study Assistance Policy and Guidelines.
  • Inform the delegate of the necessary information for making a decision on Study Assistance applications.
  • Ensure the usage of study leave is consistent with the approved study leave.
  • Ensure fairness, equity and natural justice in decision-making.

Human Resources Centre

  • Develop and review Study Assistance Policy and Guidelines.
  • Advise on and promote the implementation of Study Assistance Policy and Guidelines.

Chief Executive

  • Upon the receipt of a written request from the applicant for study assistance, the Chief Executive will arrange for a review of the decision.  This review will be conducted as outlined in the CIT Enterprise Agreements (Internal Review Process)

4. Documentation

Authority Source

  1. ACT Public Sector Management Standards
  2. Shared Services Study Assistance Framework
    Re. Appeals:
  3. ACT Public Service Canberra Institute of Technology Enterprise Agreement 2011-2013
  4. ACT Public Service Canberra Institute of Technology (Teaching Staff) Enterprise Agreement 2011-2013

Related Documents

  1. Shared Services Study Assistance Form (internal access only)
  2. Study  Assistance Guidelines
  3. Relevant Performance Management Plan and Performance Development Plan

Supporting Guide

  1. Study Assistance Flowchart

5. Definitions

All terminology used in this policy is consistent with definitions in the CIT Policy Glossary.

Study Assistance

Includes paid or unpaid study leave and/or financial assistance for staff to undertake a Study Activity.

Study Activities

Study Activities are categorised as:

  • programs that lead to a recognised qualification such as degrees, diplomas, trade certificates and certificates
  • short courses or single units not necessarily leading to a qualification if the course is offered by an approved
  • educational institution or examining body
  • distance education
  • thesis work
  • residentials
  • examinations and assessments and/or
  • Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) processes.

6. Policy Contact Officer

For more information about this policy, contact the Director, Human Resources.

Contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email

Policy No: 2019/139
Approved: May 2012
Next Review: September 2023
Category: Staff Policies, Corporate Policies
Policy Owner: Executive Director, Corporate Services
Study Assistance Procedures
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