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ZeroCO2 Speaker Presentations

Published: 28 Aug 2020

Zoe Piper | Delmata

Zoe Piper has over 20 years' experience across management consulting, technology, manufacturing and investment. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Zoe is actively engaged in a broad range of roles and appointments. Combining her interests in technology and social impact, in 2017 Zoe founded Ethitrade International, a blockchain based provenance platform empowering small enterprises in South-East Asia.

In 2009 Zoe also cofounded Ecolour, an Australian based manufacturer of premium quality, non-toxic (zero-VOC) paint. Ecolour is now used by hotel chains, hospitals and leading developers across the country. Alongside her entrepreneurial ventures, Zoe has spent the past 7 years working to drive innovation and boost industry productivity.

Previously at CSIRO she founded and led IC Global (, an award-winning suite of platforms developed to drive innovation. During her first 2.5 years at CSIRO Zoe also served as Data61's representative on the CBRIN board of directors and she remains actively connected into the innovation ecosystem.

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Stuart Butterworth | Canberra Institute of Technology

Stuart Butterworth is a licensed Electrician and leading teacher at Canberra Institute of Technology. Stuart is currently developing CIT’s Renewables training program. Previously Stuart was instrumentation in developing programs at CIT in Grid Connect PV systems design and installation, and Battery storage system and is currently delivering in these programs.

Stuart is currently working on developing both Standalone Power Systems (SAPS) course and the Certificate IV Electrician Renewable Energy. As well as building the calendar for ongoing professional development for renewable energy professionals in Canberra and surrounding areas.

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Neoen is one of the world's leading and fastest growing independent producers (IPP) of exclusively renewable energy. With a capacity of more than 3 GW of wind, solar and storage under operation or under construction, Neoen is a high-growth company. Neoen is notably active in Australia, France, Mexico, Portugal, El Salvador, Finland, Argentina, Ireland, Zambia, Jamaica and Mozambique.

In particular, Neoen operates France's most powerful solar PV farm (300 MWp) in Cestas, and the world's largest lithium-ion power reserve (150 MW storage capacity) in Hornsdale, Australia. Neoen is targeting more than 5 GW capacity in operation or under construction by the end of 2021. For more information:

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Megan Ward | Neoen

As Neoen's State Leader for South Australia, Megan is responsible for the development of the company's South Australian portfolio of new renewable energy projects. This includes large scale wind, solar and storage projects (including the 'Tesla Big Battery') and the investigation of opportunities to include new technology such as hydrogen.

Prior to joining Neoen Megan led the ACT's Energy Projects team - where she was responsible for delivering the Territory's 100 per cent renewable electricity target and world-leading distributed battery storage and industry development initiatives.

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Lisa Steibel | Neoen

Lisa Stiebel is responsible for managing community relations and communications across Neoen Australia's portfolio of wind, solar and battery storage projects (11 operating assets, 20+ in development pipeline) with a focus on advancing best practice and driving innovation.

Lisa has a Master of Climate Change from the Australian National University (ANU), previously ran QED Energy, a renewable energy consultancy and lectured in stakeholder engagement at the ANU's Fenner School.

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Dr Sophie Lewis | ACT Commissioner for Sustainability

Dr Sophie Lewis was recently appointed as the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment in the Australian Capital Territory. Dr Lewis has extensive experience in researching Australia's changing climate extremes and lecturing in environmental hazards. She is a lead author on the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change’s sixth assessment report and provided invaluable research during a horrific bushfire season and in 2019 Dr Lewis was named ACT Scientist of the Year.

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Darren Gladman | Director of Distributed Energy at Clean Energy Council

Darren has more than 20 years experience working with small and large businesses, not-for-profit organisations, universities, government and currently with the industry association for Australia's renewable energy sector, the Clean Energy Council.  Darren sees his role as an inspiration and a privilege to be in an industry that is creating new ways to satisfy people's energy needs and combating climate change. The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia.

CEC is a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation, representing and working with Australia's leading renewable energy and energy storage businesses, as well as rooftop solar installers, to further the development of clean energy in Australia.

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Rob Andrews | Heliolytics

Based in Toronto Canada, Rob Andrews is the CEO of Heliolytics. Heliolytics is the global leader in providing cost-effective aerial inspection services for PV systems, leading the industry in actionable thermography analysis and reporting with the completion of over 50 GW of inspections on more than 2,000 sites in sizes varying from 10 kW to 750 MW. Heliolytics partner with solar owners, operators, developers, EPCs, financiers, equipment providers, insurers, asset managers and independent engineers to optimize portfolio management of solar assets.

Heliolytics aerial inspection services use proprietary aircraft-based sensors to collect high-definition infrared and visual images of all modules on a site. This imagery is post-processed with in-house imagery analysis software to provide accurate maps of fault locations & definitions. These images are analyzed by PV experts to detect current failures, decipher potential failure modes, and determine the root cause of system faults.

On average, detecting $23 million USD worth of annual recoverable revenue for clients, which corresponds to an average energy loss of 1.2% not otherwise identified current O&M practices.

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Todd Eagles | Group Manager, Product and Strategic Deployments at ActewAGL

Todd is the Retail Executive responsible for ensuring ActewAGL is an effective competitor in an active market, through the development of innovative products and services. He leads the strategic direction for product development along with the management functions for ActewAGL's portfolio of energy market offers, energy efficiency programs and other emerging technologies.

Todd has experience in both telecommunications (5 years) and energy (10 years) and he has multiple university and private institutional qualifications, the most recent a Masters in International Business and completion of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) Course. He is a member of AICD and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy.

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Mike Leonard | CTO, Reposit Power

Mike Leonard is the CTO at Reposit Power and is responsible delivering products designed to scale to large numbers of IoT devices. Having worked as a software developer for over 10 years Mike is skilled at identifying problems and delivering solutions whilst managing teams of developers. Mike is now using his considerable skills and knowledge in emerging technology to implement new technologies in the renewable energy industry where he is diving in head first to come up to speed with the many operational facets of the market.

Reposit Power is an Australian company and a world leader in Distributed Energy Resources helping to provide energy security in the grid of tomorrow and lowering the power bills of Australians throughout the country. Reposit technology enables customers to optimise their residential solar and battery storage and participate in real-time energy trading and network support services as part of the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) revolution.

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