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Entrepreneur Hollie Bell mills life size objects from poly-carbonate, running her business from CIT Reid!

Published: 13 Feb 2018

Hollie Bell
Image sourced from The Canberra Times

Entrepreneur Hollie Bell mills objects made from plastic, poly-carbonate, resin, foam and wood using her own Frogmill four-axis computer numerical control milling machine (CNC), running her business from CIT in Reid. Hollie's focus is on creating polystyrene life size human torsos to assist dressmakers and the filming industry, worldwide!

Hollie has already received orders from over 20 dressmakers who have purchased personalised 'dummies' from around the world, falling under the brand 'Tools By Hollie'. Through using the CNC machine located at CIT in Reid, Hollie has access to the space she requires to create and carve objects where a giant block of material is layered to a desired shape and size.

CIT has access to the machine, and it is through a hand-held 3D scanner that Hollie uses to scan an underwear-clad body, where a 3D image is then fed into the CNC software, capturing each detail from between the neck and thighs. Through personal experiment of scanning her own body to produce a torso mannequin of herself, Hollie is able to match bodies perfectly through the 3D scanning system, and replicate a polystyrene dummy ideally used for dress fittings.

Hollie's ideal dream is to supply Hollywood costume departments with these foam mannequins for fittings, to create convenient 24/7 access for dressmakers in the film industry.

To find out more, visit 'Tools By Hollie' on Facebook.