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National Close the Gap Day

Published: 08 Apr 2016

National Close the Gap Day

Close the Gap Day is celebrated around the nation on 17 March, but it's never too late to celebrate for a good cause. CIT highlighted the urgent need to close the 10–17 year life expectancy gap and improve health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people this week with lunchtime activities.

It's a serious cause, but Wednesday's lunchtime event was also about celebrating the world's oldest surviving culture and encouraging unity.

Sport, food and music bring people together – so soccer matches, a fantastic bush food risotto featuring warrigal greens, bush tomato and kangaroo, and the earthy rhythms of a didgeridoo marked the occasion.

Importantly, the CIT community was also invited to contribute their support and thoughts to the Close the Gap campaign on a 'painting wall'.

CIT has supported Close the Gap with information to the CIT community and events since signing an official pledge to support the 'Close the Gap' campaign in 2013.

CIT is committed to creating an environment where cultural difference is understood and respected and all people have equal access to learning opportunities to realise their potential.
With this goal in mind, CIT will release a second Reconciliation Action Plan this year with measurable targets, celebrate National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week, and continue to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation through fundraising and awareness activities.

National Close the Gap Day at CIT was generously sponsored and organised by the CIT Student Association (CITSA) and CIT Yurauna Centre with support from the CIT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Events Organising Committee.

Click here to find out more about the Close the Gap campaign.