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CIT the right course of action for international photographer

Published: 09 Nov 2016

Dale Tidy Ride Large
Dale Tidy's action sports photo

'Aerial' and 'photography' were not two words photographer Dale Tidy associated with each other when he began his Advanced Diploma of Photography at CIT.

Now, the talented international freelance photographer is no stranger to the most adventurous specialisations of the trade, making a name for himself capturing action sports, adventure and live music for many high profile clients.

Just seven years ago, Dale's photography career seemed unlikely. Planning to go into animation, his career course took a sudden turn on enrolment cut-off day when, at the last minute, he switched his CIT qualification to the Advanced Diploma of Photography.

"I loved how practical the course was. It covered so many varieties of photography," Dale says. Some of the skills he learnt at CIT would become particularly invaluable in his career.

"One day, our photography class headed out to the airport and took turns taking to the skies to capture aerial photographs of the Canberra landscape.

"At the time I had no idea when I would ever require those skills.

"Five years later I was hired to photograph a snowkiting event in Regina, Canada for Red Bull. They wanted me to come up with a creative idea on how to best capture the event. I was going to need the advantage of height so I immediately thought back to that lesson we had and decided to hire a small Cessna aeroplane (the same one we used to fly around Canberra).

Dale Tidy KonferoBook
Dale Tidy's KonferoBook

"When I was on the job, I employed the same aerial photography skills I was taught at CIT and used them to shoot the largest snowkiting event ever to be held in North America!"

Not only has Dale become globally sought-after and photographed hundreds of events, he is also on the cover of the CIT Semester 2, 2015 Course Guide. Now that's success!

Read more about Dale's story and other inspiring graduates by downloading a copy of the current CIT Course Guide.

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