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CIT Year 12 Graduation - December 2017

Published: 15 Feb 2018


On Wednesday 13 December 2017, students from the Year 12 course at CIT celebrated the completion of their studies, as they took the next step towards their career!

The CIT Year 12 program provides an important pathway for people, who for various reasons wish to gain an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate or improve on their previous results. This course is accredited by the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies.  103 students from school age through to mature age took up the opportunity to complete their ACT Senior Secondary Certificate in 2017. These graduating students have gained university entrance, entered further TAFE studies and obtained employment.

We had the opportunity to speak to a few students who came from all walks of life, and shared their stories with us:

Caleb Naumann
I studied year 10 at CIT and was encouraged to continue on and study my year 12 course there too. I found the support from all of the staff here to be so strong and I believe it is one of the best institutions to undertake any form of study.

Coming from a public school I felt a little discouraged about my studies due to my past experiences, and found that CIT was so supportive with not only your studies but your personal issues too. I would absolutely recommend the Year 12 program to all of my friends and family.  I made friends and learnt life lessons as well, which was a bonus!

Piers Robinson
I was drawn to the CIT Year 12 program to help me prepare and transition into a university course and to enter mainstream society so I could start my career path.

CIT provided the boost I needed and through the support of councillors and staff, I was able to achieve well academically which is so crucial for students at this level. This course provides the step you need to enter your future career path with a strong foundation. I am really glad I chose to do Year 12 at CIT.

Rachael Howe
I heard CIT had a comprehensive Year 12 program that was only a one year course for adults, as opposed to many two year programs out there.  It also included maths and science which I was highly interested in! My sister had also studied this course, so I naturally received a good recommendation from her and she inspired me to take the step.

Throughout my studies in this program, I found the staff support to be so hands on and I would like to personally thank Gillian, the Head of Department, who cares so much about each individual. I couldn't have gotten through the course without such strong support.

My journey involved a few personal struggles and it was very confronting to come back to school after 20 years but I am just so glad I chose to do this and that I chose CIT for the Year 12 program. I would absolutely recommend this course to others from all different paths. And as an individual with a disability, being given so much support throughout this course was outstanding.