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CIT Celebrates Hundreds of New Beginnings

Published: 19 Nov 2015

CIT's end-of-year celebration events

For many students, completing their course is the threshold between something old and something exciting and new. CIT's end-of-year celebration events acknowledge hundreds of individual stories of ends and new beginnings.

For Indian national Joel Suryawanshi, finishing a Diploma of Business Administration opens a new opportunity to build a career for a new life in Australia.

"I was a senior talent development consultant in India, but getting a job in Australia was a challenge.

"Going from a successful career to not being able to get a job killed a bit of my confidence," Mr Suryawanshi admits.

He will share his passion for learning at the CIT International Celebration of Graduation event, a theme he plans to follow in the capacity as both a learner and a teacher.

"I would love to do my advanced diploma and degree in teaching. I really want to get into teaching business or people development. Or languages," Mr Suryawanshi says.

Completing may not be another step along a clear-cut track. For some, it's all about the possibilities.

"When I was at school, we didn't have computers. Everything has changed, and you tend to lose a lot of confidence being out of the workforce for so long," says mother of 11, Sharon White, who has just completed the Return to Work for Women Program.

"Signing up for the course was really nerve-wracking to start with. On the first day, I actually turned around twice and went home. Some days it's been a push, but I really wanted to finish.
"The course changes you altogether. You start to think, 'I can do this!'" Ms White says.

Finishing your course can be an opportunity to start afresh and find your true potential, as for completers of CIT's Year 12 program.

"I spent most of primary and high school moving around to different schools. As a person with autism, I didn't really fit in with mainstream education," says Year 12 completer Liam Ellem.

"There are a lot of things I've achieved now that I'm pretty proud of, especially organising an Anzac writing contest. I couldn't imagine doing something like that a year ago.

"Transitioning to university will be bittersweet. I'll miss the wedges at the canteen here, but most of all I'll miss the people. It's the first time I've really felt a part of things."

These stories, and hundreds more, will be showcased in CIT''s upcoming celebration events, acknowledging success in the many forms it takes at CIT.

Return to Work for Women Program Celebration : Friday 20 November
Year 12 Celebration: Thursday 3 December
International Celebration of Graduation: Thursday 10 December