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The bridge between north and south - records were broken as pylons tumbled down!

Published: 26 Jun 2017

High school students from across Canberra faced exacting specifications with no additional materials allowed apart from those supplied by CIT.

The competition was open to teams of students currently enrolled in years 9 and 10 and to certificate I or certificate II students enrolled in relevant areas such building or construction.

The 2017 competition was a showcase of efficiency, strength and creativity and all competing teams exceeded expectations in designing and constructing a bridge to span a 900mm gap and support an increasing test load until failure.

Real-life durability was critical with winning teams achieving the goal of designing and constructing strength-to-weight and outright strength.

There is not a standard bridge design, so we encourage you to get involved. Make a team, start planning and designing and look out for the next CIT Bridge Challenge dates!

Note that your bridge will be tested to destruction, so it will be broken.