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Graduates' Contribution Sees Blundells Cottage Reopen in Fitting Style

Published: 13 Nov 2015

Blundells Cottage
Bernadette Thomas, Kirstie Russell and Christine Waring with some of their creations for display in Blundells Cottage.

On the well-manicured shores of Lake Burly-Griffin, the charmingly anachronistic Blundells Cottage reopened in fitting style this week, thanks to the efforts of three CIT fashion graduates.

The cottage, which has stood since 1860, has undergone an extensive restoration over the past six months and new exhibits have been developed to showcase its living history until final occupation in 1960s.

As part of the enhanced exhibits, CIT fashion design graduates Bernadette Thomas and Kirstie Russell created a range of garments reflecting the cottage's pioneering past, and CIT millinery graduate and teacher Christine Waring created a complementary range of hats and bonnets for display in the historic home.

The graduates were selected by the National Capital Authority to create the bespoke garments.

Impressively, each item has been painstakingly hand sewn using traditional methods to ensure authentic detail.

The garments will be permanently on display in the cottage to enhance the historical and educational experience for visitors to the famous residence.