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Afroz Naeem - Graduate CIT Return to Work for Women Training

Published: 13 Jul 2018


I have benefited enormously from this course and I am very grateful to CIT for the opportunity. The school friendly hours and convenient location really took the pressure off trying to progress my skills to get back to work.

The professionalism and passion of the teaching team shone through always. It was hard work sometimes to keep coming, and to prioritise this course and our needs. The CIT teachers gave us self- belief and a push when needed. They encouraged us, cheered us on and made it possible for us to succeed.

I would like to acknowledge my wonderful work experience hosts at the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, People and Performance Branch. They were so kind and wanted to support this program and women returning into the workplace following an extended period of leave. This was very reassuring. I took my 'CIT willingness to undertake tasks' attitude into work and then sought clarification, only to find that everyone wanted to help me in my work placement. The work experience placement was certainly an integral part of the program. For most of us, stepping back into the workforce, even for a short period, was unnerving. But our hosts welcomed us into their teams and in doing so, gave us an opportunity to apply our new or refreshed skills. They offered to be referees for us and enabled us to update our resumes with current, relevant experience. My work placement team helped me to get a short term contract within the department in Aviation and Airports division which I am excited to have just found out, has been extended.

The course focused on current operational employment skills and there are so many people whose insight, knowledge and positive attitude influenced me. The CIT career adviser guided me and encouraged me to aim high, and skill matched me to a department to utilise the university qualifications, I had gained in City and Urban Planning in Pakistan. The work placement coordinator helped me to find work placement in my relevant field. My host helped me out further, by providing an opportunity in one of the relevant division within the department. Last but not least to mention is my great supervisor who is training me to gain current skills, experience to build my resume, so I can apply for future opportunities.

I had a lot of fun in the course too. Style guru, Sanja Marais' enthusiastic and inclusive presentation was just what we needed to inspire us to maximise our potential and update our working wardrobe. CIT’s Hair and Beauty Salon cut and styled our hair. Communities at Work Clothing and Retail Program outfitted us generously for work experience which provided a great boost. But one of the best things about the course was our group becoming such firm friends with an incredible support network and common goal - employment. I am confident that I have grown and can contribute meaningfully to our community.

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