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CIT Fashion students participate in an upcycling challenge at the ACTSmart Business Sustainable Expo

Published: 12 Sep 2017

ACTSmart Business Expo

On Thursday 7 September, 5 of our CIT Fashion students took on an upcycling challenge to address the issues of sustainability in the fashion industry through the ACTSmart Business Sustainable Expo. Each student chose several pieces donated by The Salvation Army and upcycled them to create new designs.

Sarah - used natural dyeing techniques on her wedding skirt.

Chelsea - used coffee to dye her jacket made from a lace tablecloth and added a beaded design from a piece of fabric she found at Salvos. Chelsea also made a dress by using another old tablecloth.

Eve – creatively upcycled a wedding dress.

Mish - created an evening design by combining several other old garments.

Karen - developed sports influenced streetwear.

These students worked extremely hard to deliver unique upcycled items, where Faye de Lanty of Fashion Hound presented their work.