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A 'wind of change' blows in to CIT for reconciliation

Published: 17 Jun 2016

Reconciliation Exhibition
Images: Artworks by Leanne Pope (magpie) and Lynette Talbot (autumn leaves).

National Reconciliation Week celebrations are continuing at CIT with a CIT Yurauna Centre student exhibition, Wind of change, now on display at the CIT Reid library.

The exhibition was launched and hosted at Novotel Canberra for the duration of National Reconciliation Week and can now be viewed by students, staff and visitors at CIT. It features the work of current CIT cultural art students under the guidance of local artist and new cultural arts teacher Leanne Pope.

Ms Pope says the theme, Wind of change, is simultaneously a celebration of the changing seasons and figuratively about for the hope of reconciliation.

"We all work together into the future to change for the better," Ms Pope says.

The contemporary artworks incorporate traditional technique, with vibrant pops of autumn colour against a stormy blue backdrop tying the pieces together to symbolise the 'wind of change'.

Novotel is a proud supporter of Indigenous art in Australia, inviting and encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art groups to exhibit their work in their hotels across the country.

"The CIT Yurauna Centre students really enjoyed this project, and I am looking forward to seeing the 2016 students grow and develop their talents along with our relationship with Novotel Canberra," Ms Pope says.

CIT Yurauna Centre would like to thank Novotel and Novotel Canberra for their generous support.

The exhibition can be viewed at the library, CIT Reid, throughout the month of June.