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Online Resources Access

How do I access the Library's online resources?

From the Library Catalogue, click on the Online Resources tab.

Choose your resource and click on the link.You will now need to authenticate. Enter login details as requested, and click Login.

Why can't I access the online resources from home?

Check the resources list to ensure that there is no "available within CIT only" noted. Otherwise, see the answers to the following question.

I cannot access any online resources, even though my login was accepted.

Some sites are sensitive to cookies. You may need to adjust the Privacy levels to a lower level.

You may need to delete cookies and /or old files:

Internet Explorer: Tools/Internet Options/Browsing History/Delete

Firefox: Tools/Options/Privacy

If accessing from a workplace, your organisation's firewall may be a problem. Check with your IT staff.

If you have Norton Security or Norton Personal Firewall, you may need to reconfigure the Privacy Control settings.

When I access the online resources page, I see a channel error message.

Go to Tools/Internet Options. Click the Delete Cookies button and the Delete Files button.

I am trying to access the online resources and I get a message telling me I cannot connect at this time or connection refused, try again later, or that there are too many concurrent users.

Too many people may be trying to access the resources at once. Wait a little while then try again.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble accessing an online resource?

If you are in a CIT Library, speak to any Staff Member. Otherwise, contact the Resource Access Manager.

I don’t know how to use the online resources.

Each resource has help features or tutorials to show you how to use the product. These online instructions should provide assistance on how to access, locate and retrieve information. Look for the Help link on the screen. Otherwise, contact a Liaison Librarian.

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