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High Risk Training

High Risk Training
Making light of a heavy load - practice makes perfect

Flexible delivery of High Risk training involves identifying and working with local industry to provide training in a mode tailored to client needs. This may include but is not limited to; training on site utilising workplace equipment and environmental conditions to guide instruction and the identification and incorporation of specific operational and WHS information. This training approach enables CIT to ensure mandatory learning requirements associated with High Risk training competencies are adhered to while addressing client needs.

CIT High Risk Training will be working closely to assist the ACT Government wind and solar power initiatives to prepare and upskill individuals for work within industry providing crucial base entry Work Safe at Heights training. Training to begin mid July 2016.

Coming from industry, CIT High Risk trainers understand industry constraints enabling them to confidently provide targeted accredited training to a wide range of private and government industry groups including: BLOC, Milin, PBS, Hindmarsh and Richard Crookes, ANU & TAMS.

Click here (PDF 135Kb) to view our training calendar or contact the High Risk team today to enquire how they could assist with your training needs.