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Student Policies


Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students Policy - 2016/578

Academic Appeals Policy - 2016/577

Academic Misconduct Policy - 2016/591

Academic Misconduct Procedures - 2016/591

Advertising, Marketing and Program Information for Students Policy - 2016/1985

Assessment Policy - 2016/1960

Awards and Graduation Policy - ED.02.03.02-010


Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy - 2016/2452

Bullying and Harassment Prevention Procedures - 2016/2452


CIT Student Code of Conduct -

Commonwealth Entitlements Review of Decisions Policy - ED.01.06.01-002

Commonwealth Entitlements Review of Decisions Policy - VET FEE-HELP - ED.01.06.07-002

Complaints Students and Community Members Policy - 2016/583


Disability - Provisions for Students Policy - 2016/593


Fees Policy - 2016/2437


International Students Compliance with ESOS Act Policy - ED.01.04.03-010

International Students Administration and Fees Policy - ED.01.04.04-006

International Students on Student Visas Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation of Enrolment Policy - ED.01.04.05-005

International Students under the Age of 18 years Policy - ED.01.03.05-006

International Students on Student Visas - CIT Program Progress Policy - ED.01.04.06-007

International Students on Student Visas Transferring between registered CRICOS Providers Policy - ED.01.04.02-005

International Students on Student Visas in ELICOS Programs - CIT Attendance Policy - ED.01.04.07-004


Provision of Formal and Authorities Advice on Students' Academic Status Policy - ED.02.03.07-006


Scholarships Policy - 2016/596

Skills Recognition and Articulation Policy - ED.02.03.08-016

Smoke Free Policy - 2016/2169

Student Definition, Eligibility and Enrolment Process Policy - ED.01.05.11-005

Student Equity Policy - VET FEE-HELP and FEE-HELP - ED.01.02.07-006

Student Reservist Support Policy - 2016/582

Students Under 18 Years of Age Policy - ED.01.03.04-005


Transferring between Programs Policy - ED.01.05.08-004


Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Policy - 2016/593

Unsatisfactory Student Behaviour Policy - ED.01.02.08-007