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Certificate II in Engineering MEM20105


This program covers metal fabrication and welding skills that are required for employment within our local and regional industry. This program develops basic skills and knowledge in relation to welding and fabrication, e.g. drawing interpretation, job planning, quality control and communication skills that would be used in this industry.

Qualification: Certificate II in Engineering MEM20105
Program No: C2-2J102
Campus: CIT Fyshwick 
Duration: 1 semester full-time and 2 semesters part-time (approx 8 hours per week).
Likely Job Outcome: Employment in the Engineering industry that could include welding, heavy fabrication and/or light fabrication.

- Traineeship as a Heavy Fabrication pathway - Metal fabricator/Welder.
- Traineeship as a Light Fabrication pathway - Sheetmetal worker/Welder
Application Type: Register Your Interest

Additional Information

You must purchase the learning materials relevant to the units of competency chosen and protective clothing and equipment (PPE) to wear in the workshops, as directed.

Entry Requirements / How to Apply

You must:

be able to read and write documents and understand maths concepts to a level required to complete Year 10. Early in the program these skills will be assessed - any student who cannot read and write documents and complete maths work to the level needed will be enrolled into additional subjects to help them build the skills needed to successfully complete the program.

If you are entering this program as an apprentice/trainee you must:

- be employed in the metals industry
- be an Apprentice or Trainee under the Australian Apprenticeship Scheme (AAS) and be registered with an Apprentice Network Provider (ANP) prior to enrolment

This qualification may also be achieved through other pathways which do not involve a contract of training, such as recognition of prior learning. In all cases achievement or recognition of competence is necessary in all of the required units of competency to be awarded a national qualification.

Before you apply/enrol

To study any course at CIT (excluding degrees and non-accredited training) you must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This includes new students and re-enrolling students.

If you don't have a USI that's ok, you can apply right now. It only takes two minutes, just go to

Already have one? Great! Verify it in our student administration system now so your enrolment or graduation isn't delayed. (New CIT students will not be able to do this until they have been given their CIT number which will be given to you when you apply to study most CIT courses).

  1. Login to CIT Self Service
  2. Click on the link for USI
  3. Verify your USI

It's important that your first name, surname and date of birth in our student system match the ID you use to create your USI (eg if you are Christopher in USI database and Chris at CIT your USI will not verify).

If you need assistance you can go to Unique Student Identifier (USI), drop in to any CIT Library or CITSA office or contact CIT Student Services on 6207 3188.

Literacy Skills Information

We suggest that you will need Australian Core Skills Framework levels of at least 2 across reading, writing, learning, oral communication and, depending on your program of study, numeracy skills to successfully complete this program. See below to check your literacy skills. If you do not have this level, you can still enrol and seek support to improve your skills or you may prefer to begin with a lower level program, or enrol in the Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways (FSK10213) to develop your literacy skills. Please visit Education and Community or phone (02) 6207 4872 to have a chat to one of our teachers.

Transition Information

Qualifications at CIT are regularly updated or replaced to meet current industry needs and maximise your employment opportunities. If this occurs while you are part way through a qualification, you may need to vary your learning to meet the new national requirements. CIT will aim to make this as smooth as possible for you.

Subject Cancellations/Changes

To ensure positive outcomes for all students, CIT may need to cancel or change classes at short notice. CIT will make every effort to inform students as soon as changes are made and will also make every effort to offer alternative arrangements for students to meet the requirements of the subject and complete their qualification. In an unfortunate instance when this cannot be met, you will receive a full refund. Please ensure you maintain current contact details via CIT Self Service or by contacting CIT Student Services at

Subject Information

Complete all 17 subjects

  • MEM13014A  Apply principles of occupational health and safety in work environment
    • CIT Code: OHSS124
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers following occupational health and safety procedures in an engineering or similar work environment
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM14004A  Plan to undertake a routine task
    • CIT Code: ENGR136
      Cost: $20.00
      Description: This unit covers a person planning their own work where tasks involve one or more steps or functions and are carried out routinely on a regular basis. It includes the concepts of following routine instructions, specifications and requirements.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM15024A  Apply quality procedures
    • CIT Code: ENGR107
      Cost: $20.00
      Description: This unit covers applying established quality procedures to an employee's own work within a manufacturing, engineering or related environment.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM15002A  Apply quality systems
    • CIT Code: ENGR108
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers working within a quality improvement system, either individually or in a team situation.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM16007A  Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
    • CIT Code: COMM157
      Cost: $20.00

      This unit covers operating in an interactive work environment.

      It covers contribution to a group effort in order to plan and carry out work. This includes identification of work roles, communication and cooperation with others.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM05005B  Carry out mechanical cutting
    • CIT Code: MFAB110
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers setting up and operating a range of mechanical cutting and holing equipment.
      Prerequisites: ENGR143 MEM18001C USE HAND TOOLS
  • MEM05007C  Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
    • CIT Code: MFAB119
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers performing manual heating, thermal cutting and gouging including the assembly and disassembly and operation of the equipment on a range of materials (ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic) using a variety of methods. "
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM05049B  Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding
    • CIT Code: MECH195
      Cost: $40.00
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM05050B  Perform routine gas metal arc welding
    • CIT Code: MECH196
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers preparing materials and routine gas metal arc welding (GMAW).
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM09002B  Interpret technical drawing
    • CIT Code: ENGR127
      Cost: $80.00
      Description: This unit covers interpreting technical drawing applying to any of the full range of engineering disciplines
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM12023A  Perform engineering measurements
    • CIT Code: ENGR201
      Cost: $60.00
      Description: This unit covers performing measurement skills requiring straightforward use of mechanical measuring devices and associated calculations
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM12024A  Perform computations
    • CIT Code: ENGR202
      Cost: $60.00
      Description: This unit covers estimating approximate answers to arithmetical problems, carrying out basic calculations involving percentages and proportions, and determining simple ratios and averages. The unit includes producing and interpreting simple charts and graphs
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM14005A  Plan a complete activity
    • CIT Code: ENGR135
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers planning activities which, whilst following established procedures, may require a response and modification of procedures or choice of different procedures to deal with unforeseen developments.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM16006A  Organise and communicate information
    • CIT Code: COMM153
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers accessing, organising and communicating information related to processes or tasks
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM16008A  Interact with computing technology
    • CIT Code: COMP173
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers accessing, inputting and storing information used in manufacturing, engineering or related environments, using computing technology


      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM18002B  Use power tools/hand held operations
    • CIT Code: ENGR145
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This unit covers using a range of hand held power tools and fixed power tools for hand held operations for a variety of general engineering applications. Related units: This unit should not be selected if the power tools used are dedicated to an operation
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • MEM18001C  Use hand tools
    • CIT Code: ENGR143
      Cost: $40.00

      This unit covers using a range of hand tools for a variety of general engineering applications

      Prerequisites: Nil

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More Information

For more information about this course please contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email