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Jerome Favreau - Spatial Information

I had worked in defence in France for 15 years, when I got posted in Canberra. I decided I wanted to retrain myself and explore a change of career.

 Jerome Favreau
Jerome Favreau, Student Spatial Information

I was attracted to mapping and satellites, so I had a look around and found the range of courses at CIT.

It was fairly difficult at first, going back to study after a long time, but I found the course very interesting. We were lucky to have such great teachers who were in the industry and knew what they were talking about.

The facilities were great - the classrooms and equipment were good quality. We had lots of computers and the top-of-the-range spatial software at our disposal 24/7, and there was always good IT support if we had any trouble.

Going out into the field is a really important part of doing surveying, as is getting hands-on experience with the GPS and surveying equipment. We had lots of opportunities to go outside and gain real-life experience, with the support of the teachers. I really enjoyed being able to get outside of the classroom and see everything come together.

At the moment I'm working part-time as a geography information officer, and doing mapping for them. But once I've finished my course, I'll have the skills to go on and look for more advanced roles.