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Luke Endrulis - Horticulture

After moving to Canberra about five years ago, I was working as a baker, and was also working at a hardware store.

Luke Endrulis
Luke Endrulis, Student Horticulture

I decided to apply for a nursery apprenticeship at CIT. It was a huge change, but I love working outdoors and I really like plants.

I found the apprenticeship was a great opportunity. As well as doing my off-the-job training at CIT, I worked in the CIT horticulture department for my on-the-job training, and I couldn’t have asked for a better workplace.

During the apprenticeship, I worked outdoors most days which I loved. The facilities at CIT are great - horticulture is really well set up. There's a big focus on sustainability too - there is a dam onsite and we use that water on the grounds. And the teachers were fantastic - they were great to learn from and also happy to share their knowledge.

For most of the time you're outdoors, so you can apply what you've learned and you really feel like you're doing something.

I’m now studying the Certificate III in Landscaping at CIT - I wanted to expand on my studies and particularly wanted to study paving. I'd like to own my own property one day and do the landscaping there.