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Anita Ballard - Dental Assisting

Anita Ballard
Anita Ballard, Dental Assisting

I am a practising oral health therapist and I am currently working part-time in private practice. I've had several years of experience in the dental profession as both a dental assistant and practitioner. My newest role in dental is as an educator with CIT. I have taken great pleasure in watching the students' personal and professional growth throughout the course.

I really love teaching and I'm so passionate about dentistry! I am very proud to be helping to shape new students into skilled industry professionals.

The dental assisting course at CIT is quite a dynamic course combining hands-on practice with a sound theoretical knowledge base. CIT has a strong connection to some of the best dental specialists in Canberra who are all willing to share their knowledge with our students.

Working in partnership with the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (Australia's leading organisation on diabetes education and care), I coordinated a project to deliver online training to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers to increase their knowledge and understanding of diabetes.

Dental assisting really is a fantastic career, and it offers many opportunities to learn and work in a clinical or community context. It is an enjoyable and rewarding career for health focused people.