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Nover Sweet Paheh - Further Studies

My name is Nover Sweet and my nationality is Karen from Burma. I come from a refugee camp which was located on the Thai and Burma borders.

Nover Sweet Paheh
Nover Sweet Paheh, Student Further Studies

Before Karen people came to the camp, they had to face serious oppressions, so they tried to find ways to get refuge in any place. They moved to the jungle and water sheds to hide from the Burmese troops but places were not completely safe for them. For them and their next generation to survive the future they did not wait until they were found. The refugees, like my family, were forced to flee. Finally they found a safe place in a refugee camp. They arrived at the camp in Thailand, exhausted, ragged, starving, but alive.

I have a very big family with one brother and five sisters. In 2006 my family applied to come to Australia and it took us two years to come here. We resettled our lives in Australia in 2009 and we were very happy that the Australia Government has given us the opportunity to come here.

After I completed my Certificate IV in General English, I did not feel comfortable with my writing and speaking. So I decided to continue to study advanced English in the Further Studies course to improve my literacy. I enjoyed every minute of the lessons in the Further Studies class. We have intelligent and skilful teachers who help us with the structure of languages and systems. At the end of the course I felt better and more confident with the language. My inspiration to study further is because I want to go to be a business administrator, so I can deal with people more easily and have confidence.