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Mu Ka Tri Too - Further Studies

I am Mu and I'm from a Thailand refugee camp. I was in the refugee camp since I was born.

Mu Ka Tri Too
Mu Ka Tri Too, Graduate Further Studies

I didn't have an opportunity to study and a chance to go out of the camp. I came to Australia in 2009 aged 16 with my family, and my nationality is Karen.

I studied this course because I want to improve my grammar, writing and fluency at English. I think speaking English is very important to me and also for my future career.

My goal for this course is I want to be able to communicate with others and feel confident about talking in a group. I am also looking for a career course after studying so I can be quite confident for the next level. I want to work as a nurse or maybe a librarian for my career. I found it interesting and a good opportunity for me to study in Australia.

I like this course as it makes me brave to participate in classes, for example discussions and presenting information. I know more about vocabulary and how to pronounce the words correctly. It was a useful course for me.