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Giwoo - Further Studies

My name is Giwoo and I moved to Canberra from Korea in 2009.

Giwoo, Graduate Further Studies

Before studying this course, I was looking after my two daughters. At that time I was at home as a housewife and I saw myself as just a mother, not a social worker, so I had to decide to do something whether I completed this qualification or not. That is the reason why I am attended this class.

In 1999 I had completed a bachelor degree of nursing in Newcastle and I worked as a registered nurse for two to three years at St Vincent's Hospital.

Despite my degree and experience, proving my English ability was required to renew my license. People from the Nursing Board also required me to show a result of IELTS 7. Therefore I have a plan to take an IELTS test then will apply for a job.

What I like about this course the most is that it helps me with making friends and helped me socialise. This course also presented me with an enjoyable life and two passionate teachers. Moreover, thanks to Further Studies, my forgotten English vocabulary is revived. I strongly recommend this course.