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Language Skills Assessment for Taxi Drivers

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The Language Skills Assessment for Taxi Drivers (LSATD) has been introduced in the ACT to ensure that taxi driver recruits meet the minimum national English language skill standards required by the regulatory authorities. The test is conducted by Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT).

Test Procedures

A written paper - 75 minutes. Candidates will be asked to:

  • listen to several short extracts and answer questions.
  • read several short texts about topics relevant to taxi drivers and answer a number of questions
  • write a short letter and/or report about a topic or topics related to the work of taxi drivers.

A structured interview 10-12 minutes to assess speaking skills. Candidates will be asked to:

  • discuss a number of general topics
  • talk about a topic provided by the assessor
  • discuss a given topic in more detail.

Allocate 3 hours in total because individual interviews are scheduled after the written paper. Candidate interviews will be recorded for formal assessment purposes.

Candidates who arrive late will not be permitted to take the test. No refunds will be issued to late arrivals.

Identification: you will need to bring proof of ID to the class. Please bring three forms of ID, including:

  • photo ID
  • ID showing your date of birth
  • ID showing that you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen (eg passport, Medicare card)
Course Date Day Time Location CRN Cost
Language Skills Assessment for Taxi Drivers 4 February 2021 Thursday 8:30 - 11:30am Room H102,
CIT Reid
60470 $270

Payment: Can be made online or in person at CIT Student Services at CIT Reid.

We accept EFTPOS payments by debit/credit card. Payment must be made 48 hours prior to commencing the course. For more information, please contact