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Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English - Further Studies 10365NAT


This program focuses specifically on the development of spoken and written language skills required to continue with higher education studies.  It provides a general education curriculum for English as an additional language (EAL) primarily targeted to students who need to develop higher-level language skills to enter higher education or higher-level training.

Qualification: Certificate IV in Spoken and Written English - Further Studies 10365NAT
Program No: C4-CM02
Campus: CIT Reid 
Duration: Full-time or part-time in the day at Reid campus.
Cost Info:

Enrolment fees for this course are based on the costs per subject as indicated below. In addition, a Service and Amenities fee of $40 will be payable each semester. Further information is available at Course fees and assistance

Indicative Cost: $1,000
Likely Job Outcome: This program prepares you for further tertiary level study.
Application Type: Public

Timetable Information

To help with the enrolment process print your timetable, or keep the window open, so that you can refer back to it for your course (program) code, course (program) name, and the Course Reference Numbers (CRNs).

Additional Information

You may also be required to pay some additional costs for text books and study materials.

Entry Requirements / How to Apply

The entry point for this program will be through diagnostic screening.

Learners entering this level of the CSWE curriculum framework are identified as advanced.
For example, entry point against the International Second Language Proficiency Rating (ISLPR) scale is 2+ across the four macro-skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing or IELTS score minimum 5.5 across all bands.

To study any course at CIT (excluding degrees and non-accredited training) you must have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

  • Transition Information

    • Qualifications at CIT are regularly updated or replaced to meet current industry needs and maximise your employment opportunities. If this occurs while you are part way through a qualification, you may need to vary your learning to meet the new national requirements. CIT will aim to make this as smooth as possible for you.

  • Subject Cancellations/Changes

    • To ensure positive outcomes for all students, CIT may need to cancel or change classes at short notice. CIT will make every effort to inform students as soon as changes are made and will also make every effort to offer alternative arrangements for students to meet the requirements of the subject and complete their qualification. In an unfortunate instance when this cannot be met, you will receive a full refund. Please ensure you maintain current contact details via CIT Self Service or by contacting CIT Student Services at

Subject Information

Complete 7 subjects - 1 core and 6 electives

Core - complete 1 subject

  • SWELRN401A Learning strategies for further studies
    • CIT Code: ESLG239
      Cost: $40.00
      Description: This module covers the strategies required to be an effective language learner in further study contexts. It includes the skills required to effectively study within formal educational environments using independent study skills.
      Prerequisites: Nil

Electives - complete 6 subjects

  • SWEREA404A Reading and note-taking skills for further studies
    • CIT Code: ESLG240
      Cost: $160.00

      This module covers the skills required to locate, critically read and record a wide range of academic texts. It includes critical understanding of academic written and graphic texts and strategies to take notes appropriate to academic contexts.

      Prerequisites: Nil
  • SWEPER405A Writing skills for persuasive essays
    • CIT Code: ESLG308
      Cost: $160.00

      This module develops the skills to write an essay giving a point of view. The purpose of the essay may be to either to advance or justify a point of view or present more than one view on an issue. In the essay learners must present their ideas that are supported by sources.

      Prerequisites: Nil
  • SWEANA406A Writing skills for academic reports
    • CIT Code: ESLG241
      Cost: $160.00
      Description: This module develops the skills to write analytical, research or scientific reports. The module gives scope to focus on particular areas of study.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • SWELIS407A Listening and taking notes in presentations
    • CIT Code: ESLG242
      Cost: $160.00
      Description: This module develops the skills required to understand and take notes from lectures and presentations.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • SWESPE408A Speaking and writing skills for presentations
    • CIT Code: ESLG243
      Cost: $160.00
      Description: This module covers the skills to deliver a presentation within an academic aids to support the presentation and the delivery of the presentation.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • SWEDIS409A Speaking skills for discussions
    • CIT Code: ESLG309
      Cost: $160.00
      Description: This module develops oral skills required to engage in tutorial and groupwork discussions. It includes being an active participant in tutorial discussions and negotiating roles, timeframes and tasks in group-work assignments.
      Prerequisites: Nil

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More Information

For more information about this course please contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email