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Sandra Allais - Alcohol and Other Drugs

When an injury at work put a stop to my career and I had to start again. I couldn't do a job that was too physical, but I wanted to be able to still do something.

Sandra Allais
Sandra Allais, Graduate Alcohol and Other Drugs

I had always been interested in community services, so decided to study in that area.

I initially studied the Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs at CIT, and I am now completing the Advanced Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs and the Advanced Diploma of Community Services. I was able to combine the two areas, which is great as they go really well together.

I really love the courses. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and inspirational, and they always have a lot of time for you. They all work in the industry so they bring a lot to the classroom. Community services is really an area where you need hands-on experience, and we were able to get practical counselling experience through a simulated work environment, which was fantastic.

I should be finished by the end of the year, but I'm addicted to studying now. I'd like to go on to further university study. I never thought I was clever enough to go to uni. Because the teachers at CIT teach your gradually and build you up, you’re not thrown in the deep end and this really increased my confidence.

My study has really given me the skills and knowledge to make a difference where I want to.