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Want to kick-start your learning opportunities?

If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person wanting to grow your knowledge, ability and confidence to put you on track for the career of your choice, these courses could be for you. When you study General Education or Foundation Skills through the CIT Yurauna Centre, you will get skills training, advice and cultural support.

General Education

In this program you will develop your language, numeracy, digital and learning skills to participate more fully in everyday life, further learning and work.

Foundation Skills

Foundation Skills is a course that helps Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students to develop reading and writing skills, use maths effectively, work on computing skills and build self-confidence.

These skills can help you to get a job or go on to further study. CIT Yurauna Centre staff will be there every step of the way for support and career advice. You can study this course full-time or part-time.