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Lyndy Delian - CIT Yurauna Centre

I have worked at the CIT Yurauna Centre for almost a year, and I am an artist, a past student of the Yurauna Centre and currently the cultural arts teacher.

Lyndy Delian
Lyndy Delian, CIT Yurauna Centre

As an artist, I work in a variety of mediums, including painting and print making but I especially enjoy working with glass, and the challenge of telling stories of an ancient culture using this contemporary medium.

A real highlight for me was being chosen as part of the Australian delegation along with the best Indigenous artists and performers in Australia, to showcase my glasswork at the Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomon Islands in 2012. 

For me it is important to share our stories and nurture the creative skills within the Indigenous community. That's why I co-founded the Indigenous Textiles and Glass artists group, and I am very involved in the ACT Indigenous writers group, Us Mob Writing. It is also why I love teaching.

It is a great privilege to work in cultural arts at the Yurauna Centre - which has a very strong history of training many of the top Indigenous artists in Australia. I see so many students of all ages flourish and grow in confidence through the cultural arts courses. 

All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who study at CIT become part of the Yurauna Centre community. And we all really admire the students - it is quite courageous to take those first few steps back to learning.

They're all real leaders in their peer groups. We're all so proud that they keep coming along, and of how much they achieve.