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Belinda Whyte - Music

I moved to Canberra from Sydney so I could study music at CIT - I moved for personal reasons as well as specifically to study at CIT as there was no other course with such good opportunities in Sydney.

Belinda Whyte
Belinda Whyte, Student Music

As part of my Diploma of Music I compiled an EP containing five original songs, with the help of the technical students and music management students. CIT's excellent studio facilities meant I could put the entire EP together. The EP is called Lessons Learnt and it's a showcase of what I can do.

I found CIT offered a lot more support than other places I have studied. The teachers offer a lot of knowledge and support in all areas. On the social side, I have been able to network with other musicians, and have performed at venues around Canberra such as the Phoenix Pub and schools.

I am now enrolled in my advanced diploma at CIT, and am also working as a singing teacher for a local performance school.

In a few years I would like to be teaching singing as well as being well on my way to being a well-known Australian Indigenous musician and performer.

I would encourage other music students to consider CIT, as it has a very encouraging and supporting environment.