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Sara Burke - Hairdressing

After completing grade 12, I went straight into a hairdressing apprenticeship, with my study at CIT and working at La Bimbi Salons.

Sara Burke
Sara Burke, Graduate Hairdressing

Growing up I was always under the impression that you had to have a university degree to get anywhere in life so I always envisioned a career path which involved university. I enjoyed sports science and had thought that was the way to go. At the same time, I loved styling my friend's and family's hair; I was always the last to get ready and was quite often late to any event as I would spend most of my time tending to other’s tresses.

I decided to take a gap year after college to decide what I wanted to do, and decided I may as well have a go at hairdressing. It was a tough decision to go against the grain of what my friends, family and society believe to be an acceptable career path, but I am so glad I did. I have loved every second of my apprenticeship and have not looked back since.

Choosing an apprenticeship gave me a holistic approach to learning, integrating the traditional learning with the competition exposure and professional development opportunities.

The greatest part about CIT is you are given responsibility. You are given the freedom to put the theory into practice in a safe environment. Learning hairdressing isn’t always about getting it right - just ask my mum how many asymmetrical haircuts she had in the beginning. It is through experimenting at CIT, without the fear of getting it wrong and knowing that practice makes perfect and putting those skills into practice in the salon that have built the job specific skills I have today.

While I was studying, I entered a number of competitions to test myself against the best in the industry, and have won a number of awards. I was also selected to represent La Biosthetique from Australia at the Trend International Launch in September 2011 in Paris. I also volunteer my skills within the community. I offer my hairdressing skills to the events providing a service they would not normally have.

I believe whole heartedly in apprenticeships. Over the last four years I have't just learned to cut and colour hair. I have learned more about myself than I could ever imagine. I worked hard to complete my apprenticeship, and in doing so I found my true passion in life.

Over the next five years I hope to pack my bags and head back to Europe. I feel I need a taste of what's out there, to hone my skills and bring my knowledge back home in the hope of raising the industry standard and enhancing the skill base within Australia. I also love teaching and believe in nurturing the next generation and opening their eyes to this wonderful profession, and in the future I can see myself in the area of training. My ideal life would have me working within the industry for as long as it will have me.