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Non-Accredited Training Make-up Artistry Workshops


This training will give you skills in make-up artistry for day wear and creative look make-up for special events.

Qualification: Non-Accredited Training - Make-up Artistry Workshops
Program No: XA-BD14
Campus: CIT Reid 
Duration: 7 x 3 hour workshops on one evening a week
Likely Job Outcome: Skills learnt in this course will be relevant to make-up artists. They will also be applicable to further studying make-up application and design.
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Additional Information

Fees for this course cover an essentials make-up kit for use during the course and for continued use on completion.

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Subject Information

Complete 1 subject

  • Make-up Artistry Workshops
    • CIT Code: BEAU250
      Cost: $745.00
      Description: The purpose of this subject is to provide skills in make-up artistry for day wear and creative look make-up for special events.
      Prerequisites: Nil

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More Information

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