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Expert Panel to Explore Canberra's Renewable Energy Future

Published: 23 Mar 2015

The ACT Government is working closely with industry and education stakeholders to meet ambitious renewable energy targets and turn Canberra's renewable energy future into a reality.

Canberra Institute of Technology will host a community information and Q&A session to help unpack what this future will look like, when it will happen, and what it will mean in the ACT and more broadly.

The session will be hosted at CIT Bruce, which has already been established as the Australian headquarters of international renewable wind technology giant Neoen, and which will further be developed as an education and training Centre of Excellence by January 2016.

The expert panel will consist of some of the renewable technology leaders helping to shape the ACT's cleaner, greener future. They will include representatives from ACT Government, the Australian National University (ANU), Neoen, Megawatt Capital, SERREE and CIT.

Director of CIT Technology and Design, Fiona Dace-Lynn, says rapid progress in renewable energy in Canberra means it's exciting to offer the ACT an opportunity to find out what's happening and what it all means.

"Working closely with some of the biggest industry players means we are fortunate to be a key stakeholder in the middle of some very exciting changes for the ACT.

"Things are moving at such a rapid pace that many residents and employees in related industries are probably not fully across what's happening in this space," Ms Dace-Lynn said.

"CIT will play a major role in upskilling and training workers to operate and maintain renewable wind technologies in partnership with Neoen and Megawatt Capital [who own Hornsdale Wind Farm - recently awarded 50% of energy supply at the ACT Government's wind auction announcement].

"Canberra is fast becoming the leading research, education, training and operations hub for the national renewable energies industry. This will have important implications for ACT residents, for the Asia Pacific region and international markets.

"We are very proud to host this opportunity for the community to come and hear from a range of high-profile experts who are keen to share their knowledge and answer questions from industry and the public," she said.

The event is expected to attract employees and stakeholders in the fields of engineering, renewable technology, environmental science, and interested members of the public.


  • What: Renewable energy Q&A panel session
  • When: Thursday 2 April at 2pm
  • Where: A Block, Room A022, CIT Bruce

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