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CIT teacher takes top industry award

Published: 24 Sep 2018

CIT is proud to congratulate Electrical Teacher Greg Kempton who has received a Service to Industry award at the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) ACT Excellence and Apprentice Awards.

Greg is a dedicated CIT teacher who has been critical to providing industry with skilled workers formanyyears both on and off the job. A committed advocate of quality training for apprentices and our youth, Greg has participated in many aspects of industry including technical and compliance advisory groups.

Electrical apprentices can pursue the best of both worlds and can learn while they earn as an apprentice, with access to all the latest skills, knowledge and training techniques, and the perfect pathway to an in-demand career.

CIT Chief Executive Leanne Cover said CIT is growing and needs passionate industry professionals to ensure we can keep delivering the best quality of vocational education and training in a range of fields.

"CIT's electrical courses are industry-applauded and delivered by expert teachers like Greg, helping students to upgrade their skills or just get started," Ms Cover said.

"CIT is growing and we want the best trainers who have current industry experience to train the apprentices and workers of the future. Our teachers bring invaluable knowledge, experience and connections that benefit the entire Canberra community."

"Often local business owners or tradespeople don’t think of themselves as trainers, but many informally and formally train and mentor their staff on a daily basis."

CIT is committed to supporting those with valuable industry experience and skills to gain the required training accreditation.

Contact us today and we will share with you how we can support you to become accredited as a trainer. Text your name and trade to 0402 398 612, call us on 02 6205 3298 or email us

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