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Renewable Energy Skills - Centre of Excellence

In 2016 Canberra Institute of Technology will open the Renewable Energy Skills - Centre of Excellence.

The Australian Capital Region is fast becoming a major hub for renewable energy industry investment, growth and development, research and product development, and education and training.

A vast range of renewable power production companies operate a swathe of wind and solar facilities across the local region. The ACT Government maintains ambitious renewable energy targets closely supported through a diverse framework of investment initiatives.

Over the next five years CIT will extend quality vocational training initiatives with qualifications in wind, solar, sustainability, and a range of associated programs including construction and contract management, workplace safety, conservation and land management, and project management.

Study options are being developed for the general public, existing industry employees, and associated licensed trades operators. Options will include short programs designed to upskill existing trade technicians with skills specific to the Renewable Energy industries, and formal qualifications with options for student scholarships, rent relief, and on-site work experience. To receive further information and register your interest for prospective training, please complete the contact form below.

CIT's existing high-tech facilities currently incorporate a diverse suite of sustainable features at the Sustainability Hub. These include efficient heating and cooling systems, high tech sustainable construction materials and building design, water cycle treatment facilities, and state of the art solar arrays.

CIT is now embarking on a range of joint industry and government projects to further enhance these facilities. Follow the links below to discover how CIT has been forging close alliances with a range of leading renewable energy companies, and details relating to the development of leading renewables technologies in the future.

Upcoming events and news:

CIT is currently exploring curriculum options for 2016 and beyond. To receive further information about the Renewable Energy Skills - Centre for Excellence, please register your details below and indicate one or more areas of study you may be interested in undertaking.  You will receive further information and advice via email.

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