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CIT Renewable Energy Skills - Centre of Excellence

The Australian Capital Region is a major hub for renewable energy industry investment, growth and development, research and product development, and education and training. A vast range of renewable power production companies operate a band of wind and solar facilities across the local region. The ACT Government maintains ambitious renewable energy targets closely supported through a diverse framework of investment initiatives. CIT embarks on a range of joint industry and government projects to further enhance high-tech renewables training in the region with qualifications in wind.

CIT is an exclusive provider of Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certified training in the ACT and surrounding regional New South Wales.

Our purpose built state-of-the-art high risk training facilities position CIT as a national leader in wind safety training, upholding the GWO mission to support injury-free working environments in the wind industry.

Located at CIT Bruce our high risk training facilities offer an ideal and accessible local and national setting for wind safety training.

Over the next year CIT will continue to drive research, innovation and sustainable development through existing high-tech facilities at the CIT Sustainability Hub including more efficient heating and cooling systems, high tech sustainable construction materials and building design, water cycle treatment facilities, and state of the art solar arrays.

CIT study options are available for the general public, existing industry employees, and associated licensed trades operators and include short programs designed to upskill existing trade technicians with skills specific to the renewable energy industries, and associated formal qualifications including construction and contract management, workplace safety, conservation and land management, and project management.

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