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CIT Staff Go Troppo with iPhone Movie

CIT Media staff John Frohlich and Christian Doran have what it takes to go troppo after making the Top 3 list in the Telstra Mobile Masterpieces category for Tropfest 2012

The two created a seven-minute short film called Always the Son, using a crew comprised exclusively of Canberra Institute of Technology Media staff and students.

The film stars well known Canberra based actors Ian Crocker and Dallas Bland, and also features an original song by Canberra musician Aaron Peacey.

Frohlich said Always the Son is a funny and sensitive film which centres around a father and middle-aged son who reconnect while on a fishing weekend on the Murrumbidgee River.

"As film makers and men we were interested in exploring the culture and heritage of masculinity in Australia," he said.

"The film was shot entirely on an iPhone 4 with a $2000 Canon L-Series stills-camera lens locked to the front of it.

"It's been an absolute revolution in innovation for the mobile film industry; the images are comparable to cameras worth $10,000.

"This shift in technology is exciting because it makes high production quality accessible to everyone with a mobile phone.

"Everyone can now push the boundaries."