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The CIT International Website will provide international students with a range of information about studying and CIT and living in Canberra. We have step-by-step guides to assist you in organising tasks such as applying for a course at CIT or planning your move to Australia.

We also have lots of information about CIT's facilities and support services to make you feel welcome and at home and to assist you in fitting in and adjusting to your new lifestyle in Canberra.

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Courses for International StudentsCourses

CIT offers a variety of courses from Certificate to Bachelor Degree level qualifications. You can now easily search through a range of CIT courses for international students. You can even search for CIT courses with direct 'Study Pathways' to university!

Courses | CIT Courses | Study Pathways | How to Apply for a Course | Entry Requirements | Terms and Conditions

Choose CITWhy Choose CIT?

We have put together heaps of interesting facts and information about CIT that can help you make an informed decision about our institute. We've covered as much as we can from our large student population, our industry awards, our state-of-the-art training facilities, our 80+ years of experience, and our large campuses located all over Canberra - Australia's Capital City

Why Choose CIT? | About CIT | CIT Campuses | Facilities and Services | CIT Events | Student Testimonials | Courses | Study Pathways | Accommodation Options 

CanberraAbout Canberra

There are so many wonderful things about living in Canberra - Australia's Capital City. Canberra is a modern city with a cosmopolitan feel. As well as Australia¡¯s best education system and excellent health facilities, we have a clean environment, low crime rate, Australia's best roads and hundreds of kilometres of bike paths. Canberra is one of the few planned cities in the world and is surrounded by park and native bushlands. A vast wealth of Australia's culture, history and way of life is housed in the national museums, galleries and attractions in Canberra. Come and see it for yourself!

About Canberra | Facts about Canberra | Canberra's National Attractions | Entertainment and Nightlife | Food and Wine | Shopping and Markets | Canberra Events | Transportation Around Canberra | Living Costs, Money and Banking | Working in Canberra | Safety and Protection | Australian Religion and Culture | Australian Customs and Laws

InformationImportant Information

Moving to a foreign country to study can be a scary and daunting task. There are many things to organise before you leave home and plenty more to do once you arrive. We have put together some essential information for international students who wish to study in Australia that will help them to properly prepare and plan their trip, plus great advice on what to do once they get here!

Important Information | Planning Your Arrival | Scholarships | Overseas Health Cover | How to Apply for a Course | Letter of Offer | Confirmation of Enrolment | Arriving in Australia | Quarantine Information | Completing Your Studies | Visas, Documents and Finances | Information For Parents | Student Visas | Policies and Forms | Payment Options, Fees and Refunds | What are TAFE and VET? | Australian Qualifications | Frequently Asked Questions

StudentsCurrent Students

Our new international website now has a section specifically for students currently studying at CIT, which will provide them with a complete online list of support services and information whilst they're studying with us. We are here to make sure all international students feel welcome and at home and to assist them in fitting in and adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Current Students | International Services Unit | Support Services | CIT Student Services  | CIT Student Association (CITSA) | Your Rights and Responsibilities | Skills Recognition | Learning Centre | Internet Access | CIT Self Service (Banner) | Completing your Studies | International Graduation | Visas, Documents and Finances | Forms for Current Students | Australian Customs and Laws

AccommodationAccommodation for International and Regional Students

CIT offers a range of accommodation options to suit almost every need with on-campus, off-campus and homestay accommodation! We've can also provide information on renting your own property or living in share accommodation. All CIT residences are located within close proximity to public transport, large shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, cafés and CIT campuses.

Accommodation | Accommodation Options | Bruce Campus Residence | Monterey Apartments | Homestay | Rent or Share Accommodation | Important Information for Residence | Apply for Accommodation | Airport Pick-up Service

AgentsEducational Agents

Educational Agents or In-Country Representatives are located in various countries throughout the world. They are official representatives for CIT and can help you apply for your chosen course in Canberra. They can provide you with information on courses offered, visa requirements, travel information, accommodation available, and Canberra city.

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