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Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management AHC31410


This qualification provides a general vocational outcome in the conservation and land management industry. The qualification enables individuals to select an Indigenous land management, lands, parks and wildlife or natural area management context as a job focus or a mix of these.

Qualification: Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management AHC31410
Program No: C3-BE32
Campus: CIT Bruce 
Duration: 4 semesters part-time (approx. 8 hours per week) plus practical experience and/or application in the workplace.
Likely Job Outcome: Indigenous lands worker, national parks worker, revegetation worker, environmental rehabilitation worker.
Application Type: Register Your Interest

Entry Requirements / How to Apply

By enrolling, CIT assumes you have checked and met these entry requirements. CIT staff will confirm either before (for all VET FEE-HELP qualifications) or within the first few weeks of classes.

You must
- have an ACT Year 10 Certificate or equivalent

If you are entering this program as an Apprentice under the Australian Apprenticeships arrangements, you must be employed in the industry and you must register with an Apprentice Network Provider (ANP) prior to enrolment.

Before you apply/enrol

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  3. Verify your USI

It's important that your first name, surname and date of birth in our student system match the ID you use to create your USI (eg if you are Christopher in USI database and Chris at CIT your USI will not verify).

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Literacy Skills Information

We suggest that you will need Australian Core Skills Framework levels of at least 2 across reading, writing, learning, oral communication and, depending on your program of study, numeracy skills to successfully complete this program. See below to check your literacy skills. If you do not have this level, you can still enrol and seek support to improve your skills or you may prefer to begin with a lower level program, or enrol in the Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways (FSK10213) to develop your literacy skills. Please visit Education and Community or phone (02) 6207 4872 to have a chat to one of our teachers.

Transition Information

Qualifications at CIT are regularly updated or replaced to meet current industry needs and maximise your employment opportunities. If this occurs while you are part way through a qualification, you may need to vary your learning to meet the new national requirements. CIT will aim to make this as smooth as possible for you.

Subject Cancellations/Changes

To ensure positive outcomes for all students, CIT may need to cancel or change classes at short notice. CIT will make every effort to inform students as soon as changes are made and will also make every effort to offer alternative arrangements for students to meet the requirements of the subject and complete their qualification. In an unfortunate instance when this cannot be met, you will receive a full refund. Please ensure you maintain current contact details via CIT Self Service or by contacting CIT Student Services at

Subject Information

Core - complete all 2 subjects

  • AHCOHS301A  Contribute to OHS processes
    • CIT Code: OHSS254
      Cost: $100.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of carrying out enterprise Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies and procedures and defines the standard required to:  work in accordance with workplace procedures in hazard identification and risk control;  carry out safe practices during work operations;  participate in arrangements for maintaining the health and safety of all people in the workplace.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCWRK313A  Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
    • CIT Code: HORT688
      Cost: $100.00

      This unit covers the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to effectively analyse the workplace in relation to environmentally sustainable work practices and to implement improvements and monitor their effectiveness. This unit requires the ability to access industry information, applicable legislative and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines. While no licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply holistically to this unit at the time of publication, relevant national, state and territory legislation, regulations and codes of practice impact upon this unit.

      Prerequisites: Nil

Electives - complete 14 subjects

  • AHCNAR301A  Maintain natural areas
    • CIT Code: CNSV142
      Cost: $160.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of maintaining natural areas and defines the standard required to:  prepare to carry out maintenance activities;  consult with stakeholders, including traditional owners;  carry out agreed maintenance works;  make good the site and remove surplus materials and waste;  report on completion of activities.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCNAR303A  Implement revegetation works
    • CIT Code: CNSV141
      Cost: $160.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of implementing revegetation works and defines the standard required to:  prepare the site for revegetation works;  conduct a site hazard identification and risk control assessment;  recognise and treat plant diseases on a revegetation site;  treat weeds and competing plants;  carry out revegetation works;  and clean and maintain the revegetated site.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCLPW304A  Carry out inspection of designated area
    • CIT Code: HORT822
      Cost: $140.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of carrying out inspection of designated area and defines the standard required to:  define the scope and criteria on which to base inspection;  define the hazards and risks to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and the environment associated with the inspection;  conduct inspections;  complying with statutory requirements and enterprise protocols for entry to private property;  establish environmental impacts caused by the presence of the target;  document the inspection and recommend follow up actions.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCLPW306A  Undertake sampling and testing of water
    • CIT Code: HORT1029
      Cost: $140.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of sampling and testing water quality as part of a monitoring program and defines the standard required to:  plan a water sampling program under direction;  test and correlate equipment;  sample and test water;  record results on data sheets.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCINF303A  Plan and construct conventional fencing
    • CIT Code: HORT1009
      Cost: $120.00
      Description: This unit covers the functions required to plan and construct conventional fencing and defines the standard required to:  site the fence line according to property or land management plan;  estimate, cost and source fencing materials and arrange delivery;  carry out fencing operations safely and efficiently;  construct a fence that meets specifications in plan or contract and is within tolerances for materials;  minimise environmental impacts and dispose of waste appropriately.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCPMG301A  Control weeds
    • CIT Code: HORT642
      Cost: $140.00
      Description: This unit covers the control of weeds and defines the standard required to:  identify a range of weeds and beneficial organisms;  plan and coordinate weed control activities;  prepare and calibrate equipment;  conduct a site hazard identification and risk control assessment for weed control;  apply a range of weed control methods and maintain records;  monitor, record and report the effectiveness of controls.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCCHM303A  Prepare and apply chemicals
    • CIT Code: HORT643
      Cost: $140.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of preparing and applying chemicals and defines the standard required to:  assess the need for chemical use:  comply with safety, chemical label and MSDS requirements;  prepare an application/spray plan;  prepare and apply chemicals;  calibrate application equipment and maintain chemical records.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCCHM304A  Transport, handle and store chemicals
    • CIT Code: HORT644
      Cost: $100.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of transporting, handling and storing chemicals safely and identifies the standard required to:  correctly maintain and use personal protective equipment (PPE) according to label;  follow emergency procedures for chemical spillage;  follow legislative requirements for the safe transport of chemicals;  and maintain storage area and chemical manifest.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCLSC301A  Set out site for construction works
    • CIT Code: HORT732
      Cost: $100.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of setting out a site for construction works in accordance with site plans and specifications and defines the standard required to:  interpret site plans and specifications;  locate and mark out position of construction works;  establish datum point and survey benchmarks on site;  and take and verify site levels.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCLSC304A  Erect timber structures and features
    • CIT Code: HORT663
      Cost: $120.00
      Description: This unit covers supporting gardening work and defines the standard required to:  prepare materials, tools and equipment for gardening work;  undertake gardening work as directed;  handle materials and equipment and clean up on completion of gardening work.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCPCM302A  Provide information on plants and their culture
    • CIT Code: HORT662
      Cost: $140.00
      Description: This unit covers the process of providing information to clients and others about plants and their cultural requirements and defines the standard required to:  confirm client brief and request for information;  consider the growing environment (soil, climate and aspect, pests and diseases, and weed competition);  develop product knowledge through in-house and online sources;  incorporate client aims and preferences into developing options for plantings;  determine the optimal solution for the client needs;  provide recommendations on plants, plantings and/or plant treatments, with supporting information to the client.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • AHCSAW302A  Implement erosion and sediment control measures
    • CIT Code: ENVI203
      Cost: $160.00
      Description: This unit covers the construction/installation and maintenance of a range of measures specified on erosion and sediment control plans and defines the standard required to:  select and prepare equipment;  confirm the details of work;  identify survey pegs and site indicators;  construct earthworks in line with the plan;  install erosion and sediment control products and materials;  carry out repairs and maintenance procedures.
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • CPPSIS4005A  Collect basic gps data
    • CIT Code: LGIS143
      Cost: $40.00

      This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to collect data using basic global positioning system (GPS) equipment and to be able to use suitable software to communicate with a GPS receiver. It requires the ability to combine technical application in a team environment with sound communication skills. Functions would be carried out under limited supervision and within organisational guidelines.

      Prerequisites: Nil
  • SITTGDE301  Work as a guide
    • CIT Code: TOUR166
      Cost: $180.00
      Description: This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to work effectively as a guide. It covers key legal, ethical, safety, environmental and professional development issues that guides must consider in their day-to-day work. When working in Queensland, all guides, regardless of their place of residence, are subject to the Queensland Tourism Services Act (2003).
      Prerequisites: Nil
  • SITTGDE009A  Interpret aspects of local australian indigenous culture
    • CIT Code: ATSI105
      Cost: $200.00
      Description: "This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to interpret different aspects of a specific local Australian Indigenous culture. The unit focuses on an in-depth interpretation of that specific local culture. It is this in-dep
      Prerequisites: Nil

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More Information

For more information about this course please contact CIT Student Services on (02) 6207 3188 or email